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Colman’s Mustard Soft Sculpture

Nicola Gibson

Colman's Mustard Sculpture


Colman’s Mustard Soft Sculpture

About Soft Sculpture
Nicola looks at classic British products and packaging. These designs are embroidered and then hand stitched into shape. She aims to get the detail and form as accurate as she can and the pieces, whilst firm, are satisfyingly squashy.

14cm x 5cm x 8.5cm

More about Nicola Gibson
Nicola is based in Norwich and her background is, for the most part, 3D practices, working in a broad range of materials. She uses lots of textile processes, casting, mould making, modelling, glass, metals, foams and lots of digital processes too.

Nicola makes limited editions and does take on commissions. Please contact us to find out more