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Houses of Parliament floor plan, paper cut
Houses of Parliament floor plan, paper cut
Houses of Parliament floor plan, paper cut, detail
Houses of Parliament floor plan, paper cut, framed

Ruth Howes

Houses of Parliament - ORIGINAL HAND CUT


Framed original hand cut paper artwork
Original hand cut artwork float mounted and framed, featuring the floor plan of the Houses of Parliament with human evacuation from riverside terraces.

A1 (84.2 cm x 60cm)
Framed in black wood frame (23mm fascia and 20mm deep).

More about Ruth
Ruth studied Fine Art, specialising in sculpture and over the years has shifted to painting and illustration in her work. Paper cutting has come more recently and has initiated a wide range of commissioned and private work.

For Ruth the intrigue of a paper cut is in starting with a blank paper and carefully, intricately removing bits of it to make a picture. She starts with a minimum of material and rather than adding and adding pencil, pen, ink, paint, she carefully cuts into the sheet by hand, extracting an image from exploiting positive and negative space.

The alphabets are a sorting activity; a means of inclusion and exclusion (and forcing variety). Just as deciding what to cut away and what to leave are intrinsic to making these images work. Ruth lives and works in the heart of the beautiful Norwich Lanes in Norfolk