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Exoplanet: World of Seas
Exoplanet: World of Seas
Exoplanet: World of Seas

Pandora Mond

Exoplanet: World of Seas


Exoplanet series

152cm ø


Oil on canvas

More about Pandora Mond

Pandora’s paintings being shown at Houghton Hall are based on research into Exoplanets, searching for life beyond our solar system. The work for this project emerged from Pandora’s work as the Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residency in the Astrophysics Department at Exeter University.

The discovery of these distant planets will potentially revolutionise the way we view our place in the universe, perhaps as significant a discovery as ‘Big Bang’, Darwin’s origin of species or deciphering the human genome. Making something visible and material out of what is inherently invisible is the paradox behind this project: these planets are simply too far away to be seen.